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MemberWing WordPress Plugin Review

MemberWingMemberWing: Making your WordPress site exclusive

Do you wish your WordPress account acted like a professional, profitable, membership-based website? Is there information which you only want paying customers to see? MemberWing is an exciting new plugin which allows anyone with a WordPress account to tailor his or her site so that only certain people can access premium content. Once you have downloaded MemberWing, you can designate any content on your WordPress site as members’-eyes-only by editing the selected post with a simple modifier.

Member Wing will also protect information on the website against URL addresses, preventing unauthorized persons from accessing member-classified content through any links. If someone does try to illegally distribute your content, MemberWing will not only tell you so, but will also reveal the exact offender so that you may prosecute them.

Best of all, MemberWing’s security will not keep your WordPress site under the radar of search engines. You can ensure that particular pieces of text are visible to everyone, even search engines, while still guarding main content. Visitors who try to access protected areas of the website will not be greeted with a bland error message, but will instead see promotional material to encourage them to purchase up to four different levels of membership. This plugin is user-friendly, fast, effective, and will not slow down your website.

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