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Digital Access Pass Review

Digital Access PassWhat is Digital Access Pass?

In a nutshell if you want to run a website that has paying members, then Digital Access Pass is the Gate Keeper to that site and your site’s content is what’s locked behind that gate. But, what distinguishes DAP from other software is the way it can grant access to members. Content is king, that’s why people flock to your site, but if members have access to everything on your site from day one, unless you have the resources to continually add content, then pretty soon your membership is going to dwindle because there will be nothing left to keep their interest.

DAP takes a time release approach to content called ContentResponder, and can apply it to each member individually. Content can be divided into tiers, like cable channel packages. And then based on whatever criteria you proscribe, their access to that content can be increased accordingly. DAP also allows you to target members who may decide to cancel their membership to allow them continued access to what they have already paid for, with the knowledge that should they reactivate their account, they get access to the next tier. It means that each one of your members gets that same experience from the moment they join, even though they joined months apart. It also means that you can exploit your content to its fullest potential.


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