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Top Membership Plugins

So How Do You Select the Best WordPress Membership Plugin

WordPress is an extremely powerful content management system. Adding to the amazing variety of things you can do with WordPress, there are a slew of new plugins that promise to give you the ability to turn your site into a fully functioning membership site all in one application vs stapling together a hodge-podge of broken, unsupported plugins that give you almost no true value!

Deciding which wordpress membership plugin to use can be tricky. That’s why I have taken the time to review the features of the top WordPress Membership plugins on the market and compare them head to head.

Wishlist Member

rating (5 Stars)

product box

  • Extremely Easy To Use
  • Use Clickbank, Paypal, 1ShoppingCart, and more, as you payment processor.
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Unlimited Membership Levels (Free & Paid levels)
  • RSS feed encryption
  • Content Dripping (give access to more content over time)


Wishlist Member – Product Review:

First, Wishlist Member is one of the easiest membership plugins to use. It installs just like a regular plugin meaning no putzing around with your file manager or with an FTP client. Wishlist Member give you the ability to quickly add membership levels, add payment option, autoresponder integration, etc.

One thing that sets Wishlist Member apart is that they give you all of the training and documentation you need, up front, before you make a purchase. You can watch all of the training videos to see if you understand how it works! Other providers provide almost no documentation or give it in the form of a pdf.

Wishlist Member is the membership plugin that powers this site.

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Digital Access Pass

rating (4.5 Stars)
Digital Access Pass
  • Built In Affiliate Program
  • Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Digital Download Protection
  • RSS Feed Encryption
  • Clickbank, Paypal, 1ShoppingCart integration and more.
  • Simple Content Dripping

Digital Access Pass – Product Review:

Digital Access Pass now allows you to do 1-Click Upsells, One-Time-Offers, and Downsells!

Just Updated:
Digital Access Pass may be the most advanced membership plugin available. I have used Digital Access Pass for some of my more complicated membership sites. However the power does come with one potential negative. There are so many features and options, that if you are a complete beginner you may find yourself overwhelmed. It certainly took me awhile to get the hang of Digital Access Pass, but once I did I have really been able to do some great things. If you are an advanced user and you need some advance customization and features then Digital Access pass may be just the ticket.

Digital Access Pass (DAP) takes a time release approach to content called ContentResponder (content dripping), and can apply it to each member individually. Content can be divided into tiers, like cable channel packages. And then based on whatever criteria you proscribe, their access to that content can be increased accordingly. DAP also allows you to target members who may decide to cancel their membership to allow them continued access to what they have already paid for, with the knowledge that should they reactivate their account, they get access to the next tier. It means that each one of your members gets that same experience from the moment they join, even though they joined months apart. It also means that you can exploit your content to its fullest potential.

They are unique in that DAP has a built in affililiate platform that allows you to pay affiliates a percentage per sale AND pay per lead. DAP also allows you to allow people to pay for access to a specific piece of content such as a blog post (pay per view). Additionally, DAP has the ability for you to have 1-click upsells OTO’s and downsells. This is HUGE for anyone looking for a simple way to add additional revenue opportunities to their existing membership.

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